Laboratory of Curiosity

Boundless imagination and relentless experimentation comprise the fundamental threads our artisans stitch together to form tapestries of wonderment. Fragments of ideas are collaboratively forged into artisanal masterpieces by our office’s absence of walls and our exuberance for merriment.

Instead of germinating from a single line of research, our ideas are multidisciplinary opuses of inspiration.

To inspire a constant stream of creative and technical evolution, every Neo-Pangean is required to maintain leadership of their own experimental or personal project. We then collectively fashion these dreams into some tangible form, and from this we gain new experience and insight into technologies, processes, and even emotions.

It is this communal approach which allows us to showcase a colossal breadth of scope and vision, and yet still intimately reflect the spirit of the individual artists and engineers responsible for breathing life into each internal project. Research and development is a shared experience.

We share with you a selection of our dreams come true.

Recent Experimentation

Boombox Blaster
Ballistic Remote Control
Steady aim with a Nerf firearm can banish unwelcome songs with flair.

Hall of Experimentations