Wild Safari Live

Nat Geo WILD


    Feast your eyes on the majesty of nature and join wardens of the wild as they introduce you to exotic animal treasures one roaring, squawking specimen at a time.

    If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting Africa but can’t make the trip, Wild Safari Live offers the next best thing. NatGeo WILD’s new interactive experience enables adventure-seekers to experience guided safaris firsthand from the comfort and safety of their favorite Internet-connected devices. Broadcasting live from camera-equipped vehicles, expert guides lead viewers through every step of their adventures as they tour the South African bush, spotting leopards, elephants, and other wild animals throughout the journey. Participants looking to sharpen their animal acumen can submit all of their wildlife questions in real time to the on-camera guides as they broadcast their adventures using an embedded Twitter window. Anyone can join guided safaris during scheduled hours, and two stationary cameras stream live video from popular watering holes 24/7.

    Those who are unable to join scheduled safaris can also watch on-demand highlight videos, curated to include the most extraordinary moments of daily expeditions. To provide deeper perspective on these incredible journeys, guides host streaming nightly recaps of all the action. Lively exchanges within this vibrant community of animal lovers are collected and shared with Safari Talk, a Twitter feed that encourages comments and questions from viewers all over the world. Naturally, life in the bush is unpredictable, and the moment-to-moment action is so compelling that it has already inspired tens of thousands of tweets. Wild Safari Live provides a unique way to experience African wildlife to both entertain and educate viewers about animal conservation, so grab a front seat for a thrilling ride through the African wilderness!

    Safari Bingo

    While free guided safaris offer plenty of exhilarating, educational fun throughout the year, a special Safari Bingo event added an element of friendly competition, as well as the chance to win a real-life safari expedition! Viewers were invited to play safari-themed bingo using their mobile devices while watching the safari broadcast live on Nat Geo Wild.

    Virtual Safari Bingo cards gave players certain animals, phrases, and items to spot during the safari. The rules were simple… See a red-billed oxpecker? Claim that square! Did the guide say the secret word or show the secret object on camera? Claim that square too! Players who collected enough squares to achieve bingo earned entries for the grand prize drawing, and those who were active on social media were able to win even more entries by spinning the fabulous bonus wheel.

    Thanks in part to this gamified goodness, Nat Geo WILD had one of its most successful Big Cat Weeks ever. When we tracked down the statistics, we discovered that so many players enjoyed Safari Bingo that Nat Geo WILD received more than five times the number of sweepstakes entries that they had set as their goal for the experience. Bingo has never been more fun or potentially rewarding!