User Experience Designer Wanted

User Experience Designer Wanted

You're special. You analyze how things work and you want to make them better, simpler... easier. You see complex functionality as an opportunity to create something powerful yet elegant. You tinker. You play. You sketch. You test and retest, and then test again. You ask for feedback, and then you listen. You love the details, but don't forget the bigger picture. You grow as technology and audiences change.

If this is you, and you can work in a egoless creative environment that thrives on collaboration, then we should talk.

We're looking for someone who can lead as well as follow, is comfortable with trial and error and testing the gut feeling they ran with. White-board sketches, paper prototypes, tablet mock-ups, annotated documentation, polished wireframes and sitemaps, and presentations would be in your future.

Please send us links to your work online or as PDFs and describe your role and capabilities. Be warned!- vague work or giant word document attachments don't help anyone.

We're open to part-time or full-time employees with experience. You must be authorized to work in the US and we don't want to hear from recruiters.

A little about us...

Neo-Pangea is a digital boutique that grows beautiful ideas into captivating experiences. Nestled in hills abutting the historic railroad town of Reading, Pennsylvania, our digital creative boutique has transformed innovative concepts into tangible applications for brands and causes across the globe.

Our inspiration is torn from the pages of a tattered book, born from a lively conversation and sparked by sketches on the back of a hand. We find that ideas move people and aren't handcuffed by trends or fads.

Creativity, empathy, strategy, and technology fuse to create immersive campaigns and platforms. Our triumphs ascend from a combination of our collaborative yet individualistic attitudes, energetic atmosphere, and commitment to research and development. We're a complex league with versatile creative and technical expertise, polished by decades of experience. While we can be quite verbose, our on-going focus on learning, teaching, and living keeps us humble.

If you meet these qualifications and are intrigued by the awesome, submit your work to! We look forward to seeing your work and meeting you. If you submit and we don’t contact you, please don’t contact us until this opportunity is posted again.