Grand PlazaVille

    Anaheim/Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau, 2012

    Mobile App

    If you've ever enjoyed a meticulously planned and flawlessly executed trade show, it's thanks to the efforts of the event planners behind the scenes. The practicalities of planning a large-scale event can be tedious, but to make the task easier and more fun, the Anaheim/Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau commissioned us to create Grand PlazaVille, a playful, online event planning tool created specifically for the Anaheim Convention Center Grand Plaza.

    With 100,000 square feet of outdoor meeting space, the Grand Plaza offers almost limitless potential for creative event planners. Our Grand PlazaVille interactive was designed from the ground up to offer a rich, by-invitation-only iPad experience so that official Grand Plaza event planners could stroll through the physical space while creating their layouts in real time. The experience feels like a world-building game akin to FarmVille or Café World as opposed to the more typical utilitarian approach involving sketches or photos of previous events. Of course, the app can also be accessed by anyone using a computer in case they prefer to plan from the comfort of an office, and it serves as a convenient sales tool for the Grand Plaza sales staff.

    Regardless of the hardware used, stylized, colorful isometric graphics representing everything from tables and décor to concessions and entertainment can be dragged and dropped onto a detailed, scalable map of the Grand Plaza meeting space. The robust selection of potential equipment and amenities allows anyone to quickly and easily get a sense of how they could create an unforgettable event in this flexible venue. Wondering how a rounded sofa and portable fire pit would look in front of the fountain? Drag their icons into the scene and place them where you like. Curious if adding ten tables on the left will destroy the feng shui of your carefully-decorated event? Drop them in and experiment.

    After a layout has been created, the planner has the option to save it as a photo and send it directly to a Grand Plaza sales associate, who can help refine the design and make it happen. With intuitive, stylish functionality and a direct link to the venue's sales staff, this app provides a fresh and effective way to plan the perfect event. Even if you don’t have a real event to execute, it can still be fun to plan your dream party!


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