Aquila Theatre


    Tales of heroism and homecoming echo through the ages as modern soldiers connect to the warriors of old via electronic portals. Art and the philosophy of war take center stage in this theater troupe’s digital paean to the complex nature of war.

    While the weapons and tactics of war have changed throughout history, many of the complex underlying psychological, political, and moral themes are timeless. The tales of American veterans need to be preserved and shared to inform the public, to honor those who serve, and to help people affected by military conflicts to heal. The Aquila Theatre’s YouStories program uses ancient stories about war to connect with our modern veterans. To aid the YouStories program in its mission, we created an intuitive website for desktops and mobile devices that enables soldiers, supporters, and art lovers to explore and share their military stories.

    Thanks to the simplicity and flexibility of the submission process, site visitors can record and share their stories of courage, sacrifice, homecoming, and heroism in minutes using the device of their choice. Clear step-by-step instructions guide contributors through the submission process. A growing gallery of searchable visitor video submissions preserves these powerful narratives for future generations. Additional project-related resources, including event schedules, social media feeds, essays, podcasts, and more are conveniently accessible via a comprehensive resources page in order to enrich the dialog about military conflicts and the people affected by them. 

    Building YouStories

    The YouStories project was the result of a close collaboration with the staff of the Aquila Theatre. This valuable resource will preserve stories by and about our nation's military for generations to come.

    • Early wirefaming

      Wireframes distill content to its core and convey messages in a simplified, skeletal form.

    • Visual roadmap

      Using wireframes, the hierarchy and flow of the site are determined without distracting visual elements competing for attention.

    • Searchable archives

      A multitude of information was collected about contributors and their submissions in order to make the stories easily searchable.

    • Detailed instructions

      We provided clear, concise instructions to help contributors capture their stories.

    • Video help

      Simple embedded tips help contributors achieve quality recordings of their tales.