IT's ON Style Guide

CBS All Access

Brand Campaign

    See how we helped define a brand campaign for CBS All Access.

    When CBS All Access launched their IT’s ON brand campaign—across all of their properties—it became clear that they would need a style guide to help align many different creative teams as work was distributed. This unified document would serve as a bible for everything from on-air video promos, social posts, digital ads, partner promotions and copywriting to maintain consistency across all assets and maximize brand recognition. The challenge, creating a brand style guide on this scale, was in the sheer volume of assets and instances that needed evaluation. Fortunately, we had been working on enough promotions with CBS to be intimately familiar with most of the assets and configurations to date.

    We still needed to do our due diligence in exploring opportunities and vetting solutions, however. This included several examples of proper and improper usage for logos, layouts, typography and terminology for all media placements. Finally, because we understand that new partnerships continue to develop over time, the 100-page document was designed to serve as a guide for new assets that could come into play for future promotions.