The Crazy Ones

    CBS, 2013

    Rich Media Campaign

    Trust us; working in the advertising industry can test one's mental mettle from time to time, but we still cling to sanity most days. With that said, our insider perspective enabled us to dive right into an aggressive digital campaign to support the launch of CBS's new ad agency sitcom, The Crazy Ones.

    Since The Crazy Ones featured Robin Williams' return to network television after a three-decade hiatus, expectations were high. We unleashed a torrent of time- and location-aware digital deliverables that spread the word across the Internet via Flash banners, rich media units, and still images. Some ads included custom site skinning to ratchet up the crazy factor. For Apple disciples, our custom iAds introduced the show beautifully without the need to leave iOS.

    Whether you were on a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone, our colorful, fun ads could be seen on entertainment sites such as Variety, Yahoo, Deadline, and more. Thanks in part to our far-reaching electronic wizardry, The Crazy Ones premiered as the season's number one new show.