Ggp Mall Site Design

    General Growth Properties, 2012


    Taking a cue from those smart German engineers at VW, we applied an "A Platform" to a momentous amount of diverse websites for the General Growth Properties. Almost 200 websites were reorganized, streamlined, and pulled under a cohesively branded umbrella. Customizable design frameworks were created for each individual GGP mall site. Through a clean and intuitive online experience visitors can find the shopping information that they are seeking while being offered the shopping center's most popular and provoking features.


    GGP has ownership interests in approximately 175 malls in 43 states. The company maintains individual websites for each of its mall properties. We needed to redesign their current mall websites based on the following objectives:

    • Create a cohesive brand experience and ensure that the website design meets specific brand goals.
    • Increase usability of the website based on the recommendations of a usability study.
    • Enhance the most popular features.
    • Provide engaging content that builds relationships with customers while driving mall traffic and sales.
    • Drive website repeat visits and overall traffic increases.


    Panzano & Partners