Seek the Golden Snitch

Imagine Exhibitions

AR Promotion

    Step into the wizarding world of Harry Potter™, grab a broomstick to become an elite seeker, and enter to win a prize that rivals the coveted Quidditch Cup.

    How does Imagine Exhibitions get the word out about the groundbreaking “Harry Potter™: The Exhibition”? Well, they don’t have enough owls to cover the entire world, so they rely on the team that solemnly swears they’re up to no good, NeoPangea. Our clever house was able to conjure up a fun way for fans to create their own magic without a wand…just a phone. For starters, an Augmented Reality game was crafted that puts players in the robes of a seeker as they attempt to capture the elusive Snitch as if they were competing in a heated game of Quidditch. Utilizing 8th Wall’s Web-based AR platform, our wizards and witches were able to recreate this key moment in the Harry Potter universe without requiring the download of an app.

    As the golden rascal seemingly darts and dives through the user’s actual environment, our seeker is encouraged to try to catch the Snitch by tapping on his or her screen. Once the goal has been accomplished, they’re treated to something even more impressive than the standard 150 points. The fan is entered into a contest where the top prize is a trip to the magical “City of Brotherly Love” (better known as “Philadelphia” to the muggles) to be the first to experience the most magical event ever and a veritable Gringotts vault of other goodies. Mischief managed.