Amazon Headshrinkers

    National Geographic Channel, 2009

    Immersive Experience

    This award winning Papervision 3D site utilizes Facebook connect to give you a virtual "head-shrinking" experience. Upload an image of a face and map it on a shrunken Amazon head to decorate and share with your friends.


    Promoting the content of National Geographic Channel's Expedition Week required some freaky Mo-jo. We needed to create a viral online experience with social media capabilities that reflected and promoted some of the Expedition Week programming content.


    The dark magic of the tribes of the Amazon is intriguing. NGC visitors can shrink their own head (or another's) by uploading a picture or through Facebook, select from a variety of 3D head models, then decorate a fully rotatable head with different accessories to share with friends.


    National Geographic considers the Headshrinker a "gold-standard Flash experience". With 60,000 views in the first week and approximately four minutes per visit this experience provided a 25% traffic increase over the previous year's Expedition Week promotion.