Doomsday Preppers

    National Geographic Channel, 2012

    Immersive Experience

    The Doomsday Dashboard helps you prepare for that super volcano or nuclear war that puts an end to all mankind. The National Geographic Channel series "Doomsday Preppers" profiles individuals who hoard food and ammo in anticipation of the "Big One". By capturing and weighing Twitter chatter about impending disasters, the dashboard serves as a web based apocalypse barometer for "Preppers". It indicates which cataclysm is currently getting the most buzz so "Preppers" can prepare for it. Whether it's a solar flare, a mega-quake or a full-on economic collapse — the Doomsday Dashboard provides an up to the minute heads-up so you can dust off the hazmat suit or stock-up canned food, shovels or homemade SPF 10,000.


    Many people fear that the end is nigh. National Geographic Channel is profiling individuals who are going to extreme lengths to prepare for an earth shattering cataclysm. We were called to the aid of the "Preppers" to determine how, with so many possible apocalypses, we could sort out the static and get them some insight into what specifically they may need to prepare for.


    The Doomsday Dashboard is an indicator panel scrapes Twitter for Tweets that contain end-of-the-world hash tags and keywords. Tweets are categorized by disasters like Nuclear War, Extreme Oil Crisis and Economic Collapse and then raked according to the amount of chatter happening within the last 24 hours. What results is a graphical reflection of which apocalypse is currently garnering the most concern globally. "Preppers" can then use that information to appropriately do what they do best — prepare for the worst.