The Story of God

National Geographic Channel


    The mysteries beyond the ethereal veil beckon and whisper their secrets to the devout. Surrender yourself to what lies beyond human understanding, traveler, and plumb the true nature of the divine.

    Regardless of what your belief system dictates, multiple religions have affected your life through their significant influence on our world. In National Geographic Channel’s The Story of God, veteran actor and occasional God impersonator Morgan Freeman travels the world in search of religious perspectives on some of life’s biggest questions: Where did we come from? Why does evil exist? What happens when we die? Most religions ponder these weighty topics, and somewhere in the world, grand truths may be revealed to worthy seekers. Paralleling the series’ weekly episodes, this digital pilgrimage allows visitors to accompany Morgan on his spiritual quest.


    A 3D globe tracks Morgan’s path around the world, while interactive 360 photo spheres provide opportunities to intimately explore key locations featured in the series. Religious scholars and revered practitioners share their customs and offer their counsel on series topics. Thousands of years’ worth of religious and cultural history are discussed through a variety of carefully curated media collections, including social posts from other spiritual travelers who chose to share their experiences. Through the series and its interactive extension, humankind may engage in philosophical discussions and discover that we have more commonalities that connect us than differences that divide us.