Wicked Tuna Fantasy Leaderboard

National Geographic Channel


    Armchair anglers and statistical savants can revel in vicarious seaward glory by drafting their own fantastical crew of fishmongers. Challenge your closest associates, and cast off for a wicked, fish-fueled adventure!

    The world of professional tuna fishing is not for the meek. Some of these tasty fish are larger and heavier than a grown man, and the grueling physical fight to bring them aboard usually requires teamwork. Since a single quality tuna fish can be sold for thousands of dollars, competition for these prized catches is fierce. National Geographic Channel’s popular Wicked Tuna series provides an inside look at the colorful men and women who make their money by the hook and the spear, and this pro sports-inspired fantasy leaderboard allows viewers to feel the exhilaration of the hunt by creating and managing their ultimate fishing crew.

    Would-be tuna magnates begin by choosing a boat and drafting any combination of Wicked Tuna series regulars to be their captain and crew. In this fantasy world, even the most ardent rivals could wind up on the same crew on an unfriendly boat in pursuit of victory. Trades are permitted to help wily fishermen who know when it’s time to change the bait. Each episode is trolled for established Wicked Tuna tropes, such as “A boat catches a fish,” or “Someone gets a high-five from a dog,” and every instance of a trope that occurs during an episode nets your team fantasy cash on national and private leaderboards. Competition, ahoy!

    Baiting the Hook

    Each week, audiences are able to compete with the fleet and friends by taking the helm of their own fantasy team. 

    • Testing the Waters

      Early wireframes help determine the layout and flow of the experience, from naming a team to making savvy lineup changes.

    • Tracking the Competition

      Series leaderboards track each featured crew's weekly achievements, such as number of fish caught, number of harpoon throws missed, captain meltdowns, etc.

    • Googans Welcome

      National and private leaderboards offer different levels of competition in the quest for aquatic supremacy. Challenge your friends!

    • Wicked Control

      Players are able to make changes to their lineup throughout the season to ensure the best hauls.