Demo Reel



    A menagerie of audiovisual amusement sure to raise the hairs on even the most macho backsides. Be warned that persons with weak constitutions have been instantly dizzied by mere glimpses of the majesty contained herein.

    The Baron of Pixels took a shock to his heart when he crossed the wrong wires on his massage chair. This demo video is what flashed before his eyes while he drifted through the ethereal creative planes, grabbing wisps of inspiration as he awaited resuscitation. He returned with a top hat overflowing with artistic mojo and an increased thirst for innovation. The flights of fancy that followed are now irrevocably part of the Neo-Pangea canon.

    Featured Works

    • Adventure on the Titanic

      Use your wits and your charms to survive the most infamous shipwreck in history.

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    • Big Cats: Quest for Survival

      Stalk your prey as a hungry lioness prowling the African savannah.

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    • Intern Abuser

      Witness interactive robotic tomfoolery aimed at our willing intern.

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    • Sansa Touch

      Poke, swipe, and gape in wonder at this larger-than-life interactive experience for the Sansa Touch media player.

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    • Rebuilding Titanic

      Witness the construction of the most infamous ship in history and dive deep into its construction and its untimely end.

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    • Snapple: Extraordinary

      Behold the eclectic assortment of extraordinary discoverable elements in this delightfully delicious Snapple promo.

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