Philadelphia Sign Co

    Philadelphia Sign Company, 2012


    When any business has been successfully operating for more than 100 years, it must be doing something right; for example, the Philadelphia Sign Company continued its tradition of making savvy business decisions when it contracted us to give its company website a complete overhaul.

    In a thoroughly modern re-imagining of the company's online presence, the new site deftly pays homage to a rich corporate history while still highlighting the company's modern capabilities and robust portfolio of top-tier clients. Organized by decade, an annotated photo collection of signs, installations, and employees serves as the core of an interactive timeline that transports the viewer on a journey through a century of signage.

    One hundred years gives a company plenty of time to expand its reach, and although the Philadelphia Sign Company moniker reflects its Philly origins, we wanted to showcase the nationwide reach and impressive manufacturing capabilities of the company. To do so, we mapped the locations of completed sign projects across the United States and included a few impressive stats, as well as references to international projects. The legion of red project markers sweeping across the map clearly indicates that the little sign shop that started in Philadelphia in 1910 has grown into the nation's premier sign vendor.

    Since the company's latest signs are the stars of the show, we created large display windows that rotate high-quality photos of completed sign installations. Clickable pop-ups present facts about longstanding nationwide clients, including statistics about the quantities of signs purchased, installation sites, and states in which they appear.

    Mousing over monochrome photos of employees, processes, and locations floods them with color, and clicking them reveals relevant details about each selection. Special interest items, including the company's commitment to fiscal responsibility, charity initiatives, and contact information are highlighted through the use of parallax scrolling, creating an illusion of depth.

    Like all good techies, we love our mobile devices and suspect that you do too, so the site was constructed entirely in HTML5 to ensure compatibility with the broadest range of electronic doodads possible. For social butterflies, the site links to the company's Facebook page for interactivity and the latest news, while Philadelphia Sign Company clients can use the convenient link to the company's secure client portal.