Sullivan Solar Power

Sullivan Solar Power


    Photovoltaic phenoms take up arms in the crusade to end our dependency on fossil fuels. Even in full valor and glory, the mighty Helios himself might be dazzled by this otherworldly portal to electrical liberation!

    Based in Southern California, Sullivan Solar Power has been a leader in the renewable energy movement, helping customers save money on their electric bills for more than a decade. Their high-efficiency solar panels and quality installations have secured them a spot at the top of the industry, blazing the path for a bright future of sustainable power. We were brought on board to support these savvy solar engineers in their mission to make good use of free sunshine. The first order of business was crafting a more user-friendly website with modern sensibilities designed to look great on mobile, tablet, and desktop. Perky and clean, this redesign highlights the company’s impressive achievements, helping Sullivan Solar Power shine among the competition. Shortly after launching the updated site, the company experienced a sales jump and a significant increase in conversion rate. Not only did they retain their high position in search engine results, but they now occupy the top two spots for San Diego solar search terms.

    To entice curious visitors, rich animations illustrate solar technology in a dynamic, playful way. As 3D rendered homes equipped with solar panels collect energy from a sizzling sun, sparkly particles of free electricity are stored in an energy meter. A stunning interactive map plotting the company’s extensive body of work invites environmentally-conscious homeowners to find installations in their neighborhoods or systems comparable to their own. This one-stop solar shop helps customers compare ways to fund their investment, read up on industry news, and browse in-depth case studies to see how Sullivan is helping real people save money while healing the environment. The intuitive get-a-quote form located on every page invites potential buyers to take the next step. To maintain an ongoing conversation with the world, a newly implemented content management system makes it easy for the Sullivan team to keep their site current. The results may literally change the world for the better. 

    A Modern Update for Industry Leaders

    Sullivan Solar Power's website was due for a refresh, and we were happy to help them spread a little sunshine online!

    • Wireframing for Enlightened Design

      Wireframes help us arrange the main features and functionality of each page in a logical flow.

    • Animated Examples

      You can practically feel the warmth of the sun as it provides clean, free power in these cheerful animations.

    • Beautiful on Any Device

      Designed and engineered with mobile, desktop, and tablet devices in mind, the site makes information available at your fingertips.

    • Connecting with Consumers

      Consumers can quickly and easily connect with an energy consultant by filling out a simple get-a-quote form.

    • See the Impact of Solar

      An interactive, searchable map of more than a decade of solar installations and case studies helps prospective clients make the right decision for themselves.