Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge

Warner Brothers

Social Media Content

    See inside Mortal Kombat’s first full length animated feature in these unique and disruptive social pieces brimming with blood and broken bones.

    Announcing a feature film set within the Mortal Kombat universe provides a unique opportunity for blending the style of the movie with one of the world’s most iconic game franchises. We immediately realized that to inspire a gaming audience to view this animated feature we would need clever and disruptive solutions built from the same things that make Mortal Kombat so timeless: special effects and hard-hitting action moments. So we crafted social galleries, videos, and one fake video gallery to put hooks in a fanbase just waiting for the next chapter in the MK legend.

    Using a blend of assets from the movie—and featuring custom illustrated elements that emulate the film’s varying styles—we created countdowns and videos directly inspired by the game’s Fighter Selection screen and Tower of Death. Another seamless gallery shows off some of the prominent Mortal Kombat fighters who feature in the onscreen action, lined up together to form a 6-panel piece worthy of the timeless fighting tournament. The Finishing Move, however, was a deceptive video for Instagram that displayed Scorpion as he flung his signature chain dart from the first panel of the gallery through to the last, skewering Sub Zero before breaking his face in brutal X-Ray.

    Scorpion's Revenge Social Promos

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